WELCOME friends to my blog/website!  I hope you enjoy my paintings and creations as well as the learning curve of a first blog/website. I am in the process of reinventing myself.  My goal is to help others who are reaccessing their lives and going through similar                                 

As my friend Van said “Your blog is very motivational. I’ve been assessing my life recently. All work with little personal life for family, friends, fitness & valuing the beauty of life have led me to a point of self reflection. I am making some key decisions so it’s motivational to see others who are re-engineering their lives too.”             

Well put Van!  Many of us are going through major changes in our lives. So I hope my blog and paintings will inspire and encourage you as you identify and work toward your new goals.

It’s almost been a year and you can see that I didn’t get as many blogs written as I planned.  However I have continued to add new paintings (It’s time for a Halloween or Thanksgiving

card so look under “Holiday” tab in my Gallery.)

The good news that encourages me is that I DID paint a lot and participated in several Art Exhibits. Plus I sold several commissioned pieces too.  This accomplished two goals so I will do better with my blogs (my 3rd goal) in the future.      

Check out my gallery, make a few comments on my blogs AND stay tuned as I continue to recreate my life.    WOO HOO! Life is Good!  Strike through that!  LIFE is GREAT!!!