Nov 08

Are you Future Focused For Success?

My “Work in Progress” took a step forward…not a quantum leap, mind you. However bigger than a baby step.  As I type this blog, I am listening to meditation music (not multi-tasking for once in my life).  A promise I made to myself recently – to be MINDFUL in all that I do and to be fully present in the moment with the task at hand.

The reminder came recently at a Women’s Wellness retreat I attended with a GREAT friend that I haven’t seen in about 15 years.  Out of the blue, she called about this retreat (and Lord knows I needed it).  I needed this for 2 reasons (1) I made a promise to myself to attend a Spiritual retreat twice a year and (2) My creativity was sluggish.  After rearranging my schedule, off we went to an amazing weekend of yoga, tai chi, meditation, walks in the forest, sharing with others, a mindfulness workshop, learning about eating according to the season (foods that are available via local farmers) and enjoying an organic vegetarian menu.

After getting home this afternoon, I realized that it’s been a long while since my last blog.  One reason was I had a deadline to write a speech.  And another goal of mine is to create and deliver more speeches.  One of my favorite software vendors asked me to be their keynote speaker in Orlando Florida. Brushing off my creativity, I got to work.  And of course as I wrote to encourage, motivate and inspire others the end result inspires, motivates and encourages me.  Thank God because I was in need of inspiration.

My speech had the same title as this blog.  It was about partnering, networking and preparing which got me to thinking about how and who to partner with for success in writing and art.  In the past I partnered with software vendors so I have to figure out who my new partners will be (I’m thinking they will be stores that sell art and have exhibits for artists).

I’ve already started to build my network of artists in the written word and visual arts.  The one thing I really need to improve is the PREPARATION piece.  Thus getting back to my blog, finish my children’s book about (of course) my cat, Bitsy.  I am reading to my grandson’s class in December and I told him I would read Bitsy’s book so I have a deadline.  Seems I work best with deadlines hovering.

And remember the quote from Neale Donald Walsh in my last blog, “You create your reality every minute, probably without realizing it. You can be, do, and have whatever you can imagine…”  The key is to be and do.  Without doing, nothing gets done and I had been busy “not doing”.

The excitement of recreating myself is returning because I’m moving forward toward fulfilling the promises I made to myself and to others (my grandson for instance).  I stopped trying to figure out everything all at once and just do one thing at a time (practicing mindfulness).

My priorities of health first (exercising daily – Yoga, Pilates & walking … and my new class on Tai Chi!) plus practicing daily meditation.  I realize that I get more done if I do these things first. Sometime, I combine my walk with meditation remembering what I said in the 4th blog to let things flow not push this process even though sometimes a deadline cause some pushing.    I keep reminding myself that “This time my dream won’t escape me.”

Bitsy didn’t yowl tonight.  She just curled up at the other end of the couch and went to dreamland.  Now go turn YOUR dream turned into reality.  Sweet dreams y’all!


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  1. Karen

    Wonderful blog. Very inspiring.

  2. Van Wilde

    Hi Vickie:
    Your blog was very motivational. I have been assessing the condition of my life recently. All work with little personal life for family, friends, fitness & valuing the beautifes of life have led me to this point of self reflection. I trust I will be making some key decisions soon so it is motivational to learn from others who have re-engineered their lives. Continued sucess & thanks for sharing.

    1. Vickie Majors

      Thank you for sharing this. I totally understand the need to reassess your life as well as the direction you want to take from this point on. It’s good to take time to look at what you are doing every year or so. It’s key to check your health first. I understand you are already incorporating exercise so that’s the perfect starting point. See if you can find a personal Pilates instructor. If not, check into private yoga training. I did this for 3 months (private yoga) which helped me get ready for yoga classes. I still take private Pilates so I can make the most of
      the hour we have. Now I also take zumba, Thai chi, restorative yoga plus hiking once a week. I feel great now! I know you will find a way to incorporate the changes in your life and find a
      great place to work or do consulting. All my best to you!

  3. Jake

    Hi! GREAT BLOGS! So Inspirational!

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