May 23

Momentum = Success = Dreams Come True?

Keeping the momentum going once I began to create my new reality has proven to be spasmodic. Learning to push forward even when I “don’t feel” creative is my biggest opportunity right now. The current question is: does momentum create the success required to make a DREAM come true?

So far my answer is “Yes, in a way it does.” However it’s not a complete equation. Successes so far are: Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 08

Are you Future Focused For Success?

My “Work in Progress” took a step forward…not a quantum leap, mind you. However bigger than a baby step.  As I type this blog, I am listening to meditation music (not multi-tasking for once in my life).  A promise I made to myself recently – to be MINDFUL in all that I do and to be fully present in the moment with the task at hand.

The reminder came recently at a Women’s Wellness retreat I attended with a GREAT friend that I haven’t seen in about 15 years.  Out of the blue, Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 26

It’s a Work in Progress!!! Exciting but slow…

It’s taking longer than I thought.  Baby steps toward getting my site up and running.  These steps will eventually create quantum leaps but IT’S SO SLOW!  Learning this is hard because I’m a quantum leaps type person.  I want to get things done quickly.  So I’m learning patience whether I like it or not.  You know when you are doing something new, you get so excited that you want to blink your eyes and “POOF”, it’s done.  This is THE slowest POOF ever!  Upon retrospect it may be different…if the retrospective view ever gets here.  

Consider this quote Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 06

Creating a New Reality – So Frustrating!!

Making a dream become a reality – recreating who and what you are sounds simple on the surface.  After leaving Corporate America I had two choices… go back to another job similar to what I was doing or take this opportunity to recreate myself and what I do.  Since art and writing is what I have loved all my life, it seemed only natural that this is THE time to just DO IT.

Step one – Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 28

Dreams and Reality

Have you ever dreamt about doing something for years and never did anything about it?  I guess we all have.  I dreamed of my world of watercolors and paintings and creating since I was a little girl.   I even set up a website a few years ago – under ArtbyVickieB yet somehow I got stuck up in the world of corporate America and didn’t renew the domain.  All that hard work and money to web designers was down the drain.  I was broken hearted.  Another set back!

That’s why this time Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 26

Finally, my first blog and my FIRST blog POST!

I’ve been planning this day for a long time!  Way too long!   So first I must say thanks to a few special people who helped me get started.  Thank you to David Humes, the Happiness Guy (who also knows the world of websites and blogs) for setting up my website/blog domain.  I first met David when we were members of National Speakers Association, Tennessee Chapter about 10 years ago.

Thanks to my encouraging friends such as fellow artist, Deborah Carman who has her own blog/website “Deborah Carman Studios”.  Her watercolor portraits radiate with life, mischief, and sparkling eyes.  She created a lovely painting of me and my Mother which I will post as soon as I figure out how.  (I have a lot to learn!)

I’ve only known Deborah for about 2 years; however the time we spend together sharing lunch, painting, attending art classes and workshops (in Kanuga, NC) encourages and inspires me to create and continue to explore the colorful world of water media painting.

Appreciation goes to another friend, Yvonne Perry who also has a blog and several websites.   Yvonne is a bestselling author and editor who commissioned me to create the cover of her latest book “Shifting into Purer Consciousness”.

Yvonne and I have known each other off and on for several years and now that I don’t travel every week, we get to spend more time sharing lunch (Yvonne creates wonderful vegetarian meals.  We like to juice).  Then we discuss her recent podcasts, books and blog tours, my recent paintings and life in general.  She inspires me to continue to build my business and to finish the book I’m writing (wish me luck on that! Ha!)

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Bitsy Girl, my little Manx kitty.  I call her kitty because she is a small 8 pound cat. We will celebrate her 16th birthday this week.  She has been with me since she was 4 weeks old.  Bitsy was a rescue cat that someone shamelessly threw out on the side of the road along with the rest of her litter.  She was the only one that survived and has been with me through many of life’s ups and downs and is always there to listen.  Bitsy even talks back on occasion.  This morning she was very loud and persistent waking me up at 6:30am to tell me that I forgot to refill her dry food and she was hungry.  I know that if I want to sleep through the night to be sure my little night eating kitty has food in her bowl.  Good comes from everything cause I couldn’t go back to sleep so I’m now writing my first blog post!  Thank you Bitsy for waking me up and getting me busy writing.  Now to enjoy the business of another sunny gorgeous day.

Jul 23

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post.  I’m ready to start blogging!  Step one is complete.

Yeah!  Thank you David for all your help!