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May 23

Momentum = Success = Dreams Come True?

Keeping the momentum going once I began to create my new reality has proven to be spasmodic. Learning to push forward even when I “don’t feel” creative is my biggest opportunity right now. The current question is: does momentum create the success required to make a DREAM come true? So far my answer is “Yes, …

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Nov 08

Are you Future Focused For Success?

My “Work in Progress” took a step forward…not a quantum leap, mind you. However bigger than a baby step.  As I type this blog, I am listening to meditation music (not multi-tasking for once in my life).  A promise I made to myself recently – to be MINDFUL in all that I do and to …

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Aug 26

It’s a Work in Progress!!! Exciting but slow…

It’s taking longer than I thought.  Baby steps toward getting my site up and running.  These steps will eventually create quantum leaps but IT’S SO SLOW!  Learning this is hard because I’m a quantum leaps type person.  I want to get things done quickly.  So I’m learning patience whether I like it or not.  You know …

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Aug 06

Creating a New Reality – So Frustrating!!

Making a dream become a reality – recreating who and what you are sounds simple on the surface.  After leaving Corporate America I had two choices… go back to another job similar to what I was doing or take this opportunity to recreate myself and what I do.  Since art and writing is what I …

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Jul 28

Dreams and Reality

Have you ever dreamt about doing something for years and never did anything about it?  I guess we all have.  I dreamed of my world of watercolors and paintings and creating since I was a little girl.   I even set up a website a few years ago – under ArtbyVickieB yet somehow I got stuck up …

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Jul 26

Finally, my first blog and my FIRST blog POST!

I’ve been planning this day for a long time!  Way too long!   So first I must say thanks to a few special people who helped me get started.  Thank you to David Humes, the Happiness Guy (who also knows the world of websites and blogs) for setting up my website/blog domain.  I first met …

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Jul 23

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post.  I’m ready to start blogging!  Step one is complete. Yeah!  Thank you David for all your help!