Aug 06

Creating a New Reality – So Frustrating!!

Making a dream become a reality – recreating who and what you are sounds simple on the surface.  After leaving Corporate America I had two choices… go back to another job similar to what I was doing or take this opportunity to recreate myself and what I do.  Since art and writing is what I have loved all my life, it seemed only natural that this is THE time to just DO IT.

Step one – find a group of artists to paint with.  Check mark – did that

Step two – paint, paint, paint – this is and will be ongoing – in progress

Step three – create a business to sell your art work   (well good luck on this one!  Ha)

You have to create a website, get into art shows, and get your creations into galleries (maintain the website, keep painting, set up an LLC (or something like that).  Well, it seemed like I was back in corporate America without the IT (technology) support.  So Step four became finding and partnering with people who had “been there…done that”.  You can’t expect this help for free so be prepared to pay for their experience.  I gladly pay my experienced friends who are working their dreams.

Even though I have taken two steps forward and three or four steps backwards, the pursuit of my dream is moving forward.  As I said in my previous blog, “This time my dream won’t escape me.  I disappointed myself too many times in the past.  I have to make this work.”

I also said I mastered the art of cropping and watermarks, well today I have to retract that statement.  I had to do everything two or three times today.  I don’t know what I did wrong but it took doing everything over and over to get those watermarks to work and get “’em saved.  My soul yearns for this to work so I push on.  I added a few more paintings to my gallery.  Hope you enjoy them.

I said I will post a few photos of my Kitty, Bitsy Girl so I am going to attempt to insert a photo into this blog.  If you see it below, you know I figured it out.  If not, well, tomorrow I will try, try again.

As I wrap up my 3rd blog post, Bitsy already gave up and went to bed.  To my friends who dream of recreating themselves, I leave you with a quote by Winston Churchill to encourage you (and me too).

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Now go turn YOUR dream turned into reality.  Goodnight Bitsy!    


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  1. Liz Maddox

    Hi Honey,

    I finally made it to your blog and it is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

  2. Vickie Majors

    Thank you dear Liz! Come back to my blog often. Blessings to you!

  3. Adriana

    Hi Vickie! It’s Adriana from Costa Rica, congratulations on your new blog and beautiful paintings! They are great and I’m sure you will find this blogging world very fullfilling. I also blog at http://www.highheelsandrunningshoes.com and I love it. Keep in touch!

  4. Vickie Majors

    Hi Adriana!!! So good to hear from you. I love the name of your blog and will check it out. I have another painting of high heels that I will post later today or tomorrow. You might need one of these – I have one called “Purple Passion” and the other one is “Tango Pink”. My next high heel painting will be red tall heels with rhinestones. I saw them at a networking meeting I attended so I asked if I could photograph her heels. ha!!! She said yes. So next will be Rhinestone & Red Ruby heels. Tell everyone hi for me! Have a blessed day and we will stay in touch.

  5. Cheryl Hunt


    It was so great to talk to you last night! I am so proud of you. You are a true inspriation. I love your creativity and beautiful energy. I look forward to seeing you soon and seeing you continue your dream! God Bless

  6. Vickie Majors

    Thank you Cheryl! Bless you for the wonderful comments on my artistic venture. See you soon! It was so good to hear from you after all these years. We will definitely STAY in touch!

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