Jul 28

Dreams and Reality

Have you ever dreamt about doing something for years and never did anything about it?  I guess we all have.  I dreamed of my world of watercolors and paintings and creating since I was a little girl.   I even set up a website a few years ago – under ArtbyVickieB yet somehow I got stuck up in the world of corporate America and didn’t renew the domain.  All that hard work and money to web designers was down the drain.  I was broken hearted.  Another set back!

That’s why this time I am learning how to do update my website myself.  The good news is it’s much easier than it was then.  The bad news is I had to start  ALL OVER AGAIN!  This doesn’t mean I didn’t get professional assistance in getting started because I did.  Thank you David and Deborah!

Since I am learning to update the site myself, you will see a few flaws in the beginning (well maybe all along the way! Ha!).  Be patient, I will get the hang of it soon.

This time my dream won’t escape me.  I disappointed myself too many times in the past.  I have to make this work.  You see, even though I’ve always loved to draw and paint, I got caught up in my left brain world of accounting and payroll and didn’t take time for my “right brain”.   In order to keep going, I had to get out the pencils and watercolors – to draw and paint.  Only then would I be refreshed and renewed.  That’s what art does for me.  It refreshes my soul and renews my heart so I am pushing myself even harder to make this dream come true.

I’m blessed to have sold several paintings and prints and even a few commissioned pieces, just enough to keep my right brain happy.  Now I want to spend much more time in my right brain.  Vickie, let’s turn at least one of those dreams into reality!!!

Thank you Deborah!  I think I almost mastered cropping and watermarks today (yea!) which means more art will be added to my gallery over the next few weeks.

As requested, I’ll post a few photos of my Kitty, Bitsy Girl who inspires me every day because she expects the BEST cat food available.  With her tummy problems she’s on a special diet of “duck and green peas” (YUCK).  Bitsy loves it so I’m happy if she’s happy.

And so I wrap up my 2nd blog post with Bitsy meowing in the background telling me it’s time to watch TV and spend some time with her.  I wish all my friends who visited my blog (and all those who will visit in the future) a life filled with dreams turned into reality.  OK Bitsy, I’m coming!


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  1. george maddox

    Congrat’s Vickie! Your energy is amazing! Thank you so much for your friendship. You are creating that happy dream that blesses everyone around you. Love,

  2. Yvonne Perry

    Meow! Hello Bitsy and Vickie. I’m glad to see you sharing your art work with the world. You are such an inspiration to me!

  3. Vickie Majors

    Thank you George and Yvonne! You and both special people to me and have supported my artwork and my dreams. I am blessed to know you both!

  4. Caroline

    Hi Vickie! The new web site looks great! It’s warm and inviting and full of good energy and light. And the photo of you is stunning. All the best… and much love.

  5. Vickie Majors

    Caroline, thank you for visiting my new blog/website! I will be adding paintings and blogs every week. I have a line of paintings and greeting cards called “Heartwishes and AngelKisses that will be added soon. I appreciate your sweet comments about my photograph too. Sending much love right back to you!

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