Aug 26

It’s a Work in Progress!!! Exciting but slow…

It’s taking longer than I thought.  Baby steps toward getting my site up and running.  These steps will eventually create quantum leaps but IT’S SO SLOW!  Learning this is hard because I’m a quantum leaps type person.  I want to get things done quickly.  So I’m learning patience whether I like it or not.  You know when you are doing something new, you get so excited that you want to blink your eyes and “POOF”, it’s done.  This is THE slowest POOF ever!  Upon retrospect it may be different…if the retrospective view ever gets here.  

Consider this quote by Neale Donald Walsch.  “Life is a creative process, not a journey of discovery or a school of learning. You’re not discovering yourself, but  recreating yourself.  So don’t try and figure out who you are, but establish who you want to be. You create your reality every minute, probably without realizing it. You can be, do, and have whatever you can imagine…”

I always thought I had to figure out who I was first, didn’t you?  And as time went on, who I was kept changing so I kept wondering “Who am I really?”.  And at the same time I kept working on how I could be better (better at work, better Mother, wife, daughter, friend etc.).  All worthy goals but where am I in this process?  I think I was losing myself then looking for myself again and then never really finding me.  I can relate to Mr. Walsch’s quote and maybe move forward a little faster (or do I even need to think about the timing?)   Why does it have to be faster?  Can’t I be satisfied with this process one day at a time?  I’m not sure.  I’ll let you know as I go through this “recreating” process.  

I recreated myself after college, THE marriage(s), after THE divorce, after empty nest syndrome, after the car accident,  after my daughter’s double transplant, after the job layoff, after each major event in my life.  Now I will just take a deep breath and let it out slowly and just let everything unfold with each deep slow breath.  Yoga is helping me with this part.   The question is “How do I do this?”   I feel lazy letting things just unfold.  My career created the “can do, will do, get things done Vickie”.    Being a Mother created the Vickie who had to be “ON” every minute that I wasn’t sleeping.  So for once in my life will I be content to take slower, deeper breaths and live with baby steps instead of quantum leaps?  

I will still set my goals and set deadlines but promise to do my best to stop to smell the Gardenias (my favorite flower next to the stargazer Lilly).  And go for long lazy walks in the park while I contemplate life, art and writing.  This time I will let it flow not push this process ahead as I learn how to build my dreams in art, writing, speaking and whatever feels right.

Check in each week as I add paintings and make my blog/website better.  As I said in previous blogs “This time my dream won’t escape me.”  Well, Bitsy strolled by three times already, gave me the yowl meow and the “stare” so I better say G’night all!!  Now go turn YOUR dreams into reality!  Sweet dreams Bitsy Girl and to all my readers! 

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.  ~~ Pamela Vaull Starr


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  1. Karen

    Live it up sister….good for you. One of my friends recently passed and at her memorial her husband shared what he thought Barb had taught him through the years…. that the destination is not the joy but the trip getting there and the joy along the way. Slow down sis enjoy the ride on your new adventure and remember live it up! Loving the post and loving seeing you live your dreams.

  2. Vickie Majors

    Karen, thank you for checking out my new blog/website. You are a precious and beloved friend. I got slowed down unwillingly; however I am learning as you say to “enjoy the ride” and create my new adventure. The one that has been in my heart all along. Hello to Michael too! And here’s to living our dreams. You will like my new line of paintings called “Sassy, Silly Sisters”.

  3. Jaci Delahanty

    Vickie –

    My opinion, you are enjoying this part of your journey to the fullest Vickie. You are an inspriration to those who choose to see your light. Keep moving forward and expanding …. you make life a bit better for whose path you cross.

  4. Vickie Majors

    Thank you for your inspiration and suggestions as I began this path. My courage was not at its highest and you helped me to see through fresh eyes thus encouraging me to push forward increasing my courage. YOU are a true “encourager”. That is what I want to do for others, especially when their light is dim and they need a little confidence. Thank you for doing this for me.

  5. John Sperduti

    Hi Vickie!
    Thank you for including me for the introduction of your fashionista art line. I love the pieces and they show your versatility. Such talent 🙂 The blog is full of inspirational information. Loving it! J

    1. Vickie Majors

      Bless your heart! Thank you John! I will be adding more paintings when I get back from Florida. I’m giving a speech entitled “Are you Future Focused for Success”.
      A software vendor that I highly respect asked me to be one of their keynote speakers. So I’m heads down fine tuning my speech.

  6. David Humes

    Just checking to see if “CPATCHA” is working.

    1. Vickie Majors

      Did it give you a caption before applying your post, David?

  7. Elena Redlich

    Hi. This is the first time I had the pleasure of checking out your site and, being the Long Island girl I am, I have never, before now, written something that would post to a blog.
    But, reading this reminded me of all the times I was lucky enough to sit down with you, mostly in another country (lol), and get your perspective on a work issue, a personal issue or just advice on how to order a steak in Costa Rica in Spanish (ha, ha).
    Your journey is both motivating and inspirational. But I just thought I would remind you of something to remember when you face challenging moments of needing to “switch gears”, needing to “recreate” a small element of the “recreation” after learning more or when you have to reconcile some delta in “the plan”….from the first time I met you, I noticed a certain “layer” of insight and spirituality that I had just never experienced before. And, as I got to know you, I recognized this unique substance that had the ability to really alter, not just impact, everything around you in a special way that I can’t quite find the words to describe.
    This part of you is not something that anyone could create…it is a unique gift to everyone around you. Remember it. It is truly a privilege to know you.

    1. Vickie Majors

      Thank you SO much for your insights. I needed to hear these words today and am so blessed to know you too. My prayer is that I always impact others and my environment in a positive, encouraging and insightful way. You are a receptive soul and you also have many special gifts. May you always attract your highest and best in your daily life.

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