May 23

Momentum = Success = Dreams Come True?

Keeping the momentum going once I began to create my new reality has proven to be spasmodic. Learning to push forward even when I “don’t feel” creative is my biggest opportunity right now. The current question is: does momentum create the success required to make a DREAM come true?

So far my answer is “Yes, in a way it does.” However it’s not a complete equation. Successes so far are:

  1. My blog and website are doing well
  2. I’m experiencing a growing group of fans for my artwork and blog
  3. My Sassy Silly Sisters collection are successful
  4. I have 3 requests for commission art pieces
  5. My artwork is on exhibit (a one woman show) at US Bank in Mt. Juliet – WOO HOO!

This gives me the feeling that I really am “on the path to creating my new reality”. If I have that “feeling”, does it make it real? Well, I decided not to even ask that question. So, I currently follow the age old philosophy to “make believe until it’s REAL”.

Once again, I am writing while listening to soft creative music since it helps me stay focused. And holding to my promise to myself – “be MINDFUL in all that I do and be fully present in the moment”. I have the potential to be a constant multi-tasker.

My personal message today is “don’t worry about tomorrow”. Focus on today and God will give you everything you need for today. Earlier this morning I received an email which contained this Bible verse: “Fear not, little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

Since my last blog, I have been in 3 Art Exhibits/Sales which were a lot of fun and get my name out there as a local Nashville artist.

Being around other artist’s keep me motivated. I have another exhibit on June 4th in Mt. Juliet (which reminds me – CHECK OUT my new menu where I added “UPCOMING EVENTS” so if you’re in the neighborhood you can come by to see my latest creations and maybe even purchase your own “Art by Vickie B”!

It’s finished! My first children’s book “Bitsy Girl Trilogy with 3 Bitsy stories.

  1. The Cat With No Tail (or a tale of no tale! Pun intended!)
  2. The Cat That Eats Vegetables
  3. The Cat That Does Yoga

The book is being edited and I’m creating the illustrations now. Remember in my last blog, I committed to reading my Bitsy book to my grandson’s class in December. It proved that I work best with a deadline. Bitsy’s book was a great success. The 2nd graders oohed, ahhed, laughed and asked to check out the pictures again and again. That did my heart good!

I began a new workout class in December – tai chi. It creates a wonderful mind, body, Spirit connection. I’m gonna shed 20 pounds – that’s my goal! So far, only 4 pounds have chosen to cooperate. Oh well, I hear losing weight slowly keeps it off so I’m following that philosophy for now.

Continuing to remind myself that “This time my dream won’t escape me” and I must say I am encouraged (today anyway!).

Bitsy didn’t have to yowl tonight ‘cause she was curled up in my lap while I watched “So You Think You Can Dance”. My TV went out so I had to buy a new one BUT that’s another story for another time! Now YOU go turn YOUR dream turned into reality. Sweet dreams y’all!


  1. David Humes

    YES! You are a success because you are living your dream and progressively working towards your most cherished goals. Kudos Vickie!

  2. Vickie Majors

    Thanks David! I certainly appreciate your help with my website/blog.

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