What People are Saying

Phil Ponder and me April 2013 at our art exhibit

Phil Ponder’s booth was across from mine at the art exhibit in April.

He said “I LOVE your Tree of Life painting!”  And he said I could use this photo for my website.  Woo HOO!  Moving on up!


“You are a true inspriation. I love your creativity and beautiful energy.”  Cheryl Hunt

“BRAVO on your decision to pursue your dream! I know it takes courage to “step out in faith” and trust that everything will work out fine.  It doesn’t matter WHEN you decide to live your dream, as long as you DO. It’s never too late.

And when you love what you do, it isn’t work. It’s pleasure. “Do what you love for a living and you’ll never work another day in your life.”   You are an excellent and exceptional artist – and human being – who deserves to make your living – and PROSPER – doing what you love. You ARE a success NOW, in my book. We just have to nudge the world a bit to discover the great talent of Vickie Victorious!”   David Humes – The Happiness Guy

“I’m glad to see you sharing your art work with the world. You are such an inspiration to me!”
  ~~LavendarRose Yvonne Perry

Your energy is amazing! You are creating that happy dream that blesses everyone around you!
  ~~ George Maddux

“Your paintings are full of good energy and light.”  ~~ Caroline

You have always exhibited the magic touch when it came to drawings & paintings. One of the very first I remember is the drawing of the ‘horse in winter’ — beautiful work!  I’ve known you almost 25 years now and your work keeps getting better and better! I’m so happy that you have reached a point in your life that you can now pursue what you have always wanted to do!  ~~ Debra Neal